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Hunting Podcasts


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I spend a lot of time on the road, and I have become a huge fan of podcasts.  Specifically, hunting podcasts.  They are jam packed with great hunting knowledge, stories, tips, tactics, and they really help me get through the days that aren't spent in the mountains.  They are also great things to have while in the mountains.  A lot of times, I'll pop a podcast in at night to entertain myself while I go to sleep.

There are several hunting podcasts out there today, and they all bring a unique perspective to the hunting world.  In today's #FridayFavorites, I would like to review some of my favorite podcasts.

Epic Outdoors

I want to start this out with my favorite podcast.  That distinction goes to the Epic Outdoors Podcast.  I'm a little biased to this one because they record this podcast near my hometown.  These guys are home grown men that know what it is to be a hunter.  They've been blessed with some amazing hunting skills, and a lot of large companies have recognized those skills.  If you're looking for a podcast with a lot of knowledge and entertainment, this podcast is perfect for you.

Jason Carter and Adam Bronson each host the podcast.  They both have many years of hunting and guiding experience.  Epic Outdoors also provides a print and electronic magazine that is chalked full of great resources that I know can help you on your upcoming hunts.


Coming in a very close second place for me is the Gritty Podcast.  Brian Call hosts the podcast, and he has recently involved his brother in the hosting of the podcast.  The reason I really like this podcast is because Brian has a wide range of content that he covers.  It's not just hunting.  He has interviewed physicians, professional athletes, celebrities, and of course, hunters.  Brian spends an amazing amount of time in the mountains, and he shares the things he learns there with the rest of us.  The other thing I like about Brian is that he admits he's not the most knowledgeable hunter out there, but he uses his podcasts to become better each day.

Gritty also produces a lot of great films.  If you've attended the Western Hunting and Conservation Expo, I'm sure you've seen advertising for the Gritty films.  Brian records these amazing films that he produces and shares with the hunting world.  Some of his material is loaded up to his Youtube channel, and I encourage you to check it out.

Jay Scott Outdoors

The Jay Scott Outdoors Podcast is definitely a hit or miss podcast for me.  Some of the content that Jay is able to provide is absolutely wonderful!  It's great quality, and he has some great guests.  Other content that is provided is not my favorite.

Jay is a very seasoned hunter and outdoorsman, and he has a lot of great knowledge to share.  The areas in which I find Jay very helpful are turkey hunting and elk hunting.  His turkey knowledge is second to none, and as I prepared for my South Dakota turkey hunt this year, I listened to a lot of his content.  His information on elk is quite good as well, and he has had some guests on that are fantastic.  I really enjoy when he has guests that talk about the application periods as well.

I do find Jay's content a little redundant, and he has several episodes that aren't up to the quality of other podcasts.  They sound like they've been recorded on an iPhone.  Other than those issues, I truly enjoy his podcast.

On Point

The last podcast I'd like to mention today is the On Point podcast with Garrett Weaver.  This is a fairly new hunting podcast on the market, but I've really enjoyed listening to the content that Garrett has been providing.  He's got a good relationship with The Born & Raised Outdoors guys, and they have been able to help him a lot with this podcast.  My favorite thing about the On Point podcast is the gear knowledge that Garrett and his guests are able to share.  I'm kind of a gear guy myself, and I enjoy hearing about new gear as well as any other gear that can improve my hunting experience.  Gear is definitely second to outdoor skills as it relates to success in the mountains, but I love some of the stuff he discusses on his podcast.  Recently Garrett had my Nimrod Outdoors partner, Jeff Barlow, on the podcast, and it was very interesting podcast.  Give it a listen.


There are many other great podcasts out on the market today.  Whether you want to learn about golf, fishing, baseball, homemaking, you name it, you can find a podcast about it.  You can also find a lot of very entertaining podcasts to help you past the time.  As I mentioned above, I travel a lot for a living.  When I'm in my car, on an airplane, or sitting in a hotel room, I usually have a podcast playing in my ears.  I absolutely love them.

I'm also in the process of beginning the Xtreme Huntin Podcast that should be going live in the near future.  Be on the lookout for that podcast and let me know what content you would like to hear on it.

Happy Huntin!

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