The Cutting Edge

The Cutting Edge

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To be a "man's man", you have to know how to sharpen a knife.  There is something manly about sitting down to a sharpening stone and putting a nice sharp edge on a blade.

When I was a young boy, I remember my dad showing me how to sharpen a knife blade. I thought I was the coolest dude around. I would use my knife to whittle a little bit, and then I’d be right back on that stone to put a nice edge on it.

That being said, we live in a busy world, and who has time to sharpen a knife anymore? Plus, with the technology that we have now days, you don’t need to sharpen your knife anymore. This week’s #FridayFavorites are knives that don’t require any sharpening; you just replace the blade when it gets dull.





Outdoor Edge knives are the perfect hunting knives, with a replaceable blade. It has a great grip on it that allows you to really use the knife. The blade also has a metal support on it that keeps the razor sharp blade from bending as you’re cutting through flesh or fur. I also love that it is collapsible and has a pocket clip on it, just like a normal pocketknife. I use this knife for almost everything in the field. Whether I’m quartering up an animal, gutting an animal (not my preferred method), or doing things around camp, this knife is one of the best tools you can have in your pocket.

The best place I've found to buy these knives is on Amazon.  They're affordable, and you can get replacement blades for a descent price as well.  Click the link (here) for more details.



Havalon is another amazing knife that goes on every hunt with me.  I have a specific use for these knives though.  Their blades are literally a surgical blade.  When I worked in the Wound Clinic, we used a similar type of blade for debridement of wounds.  They are an extremely thin blade, but they are unbelievably sharp!  Use with caution.

I use these knives for several things, both in the field and when processing the meat of the animal.  My favorite use for this knife is for skinning an animal, especially around the head and face.  The fine blade allows you to work surgically around the eyes, nose, and mouth of the animal, and you're able to take a nice clean pelt to your taxidermist for mounting.  Again, be very careful with this blade though because it can easily slice through the flesh and fur.  Taxidermists don't mind doing a little stitching, but they don't like it that much.

These knives tend to be a little more expensive than the Outdoor Edge knives, but they are worth the money.  I would recommend buying the replacement blades in bulk, as that is the cheapest option.  Plus, you'll go through plenty of blades on this knife.  For a link to get those blades, click (here).

If you haven't made the switch to replaceable blade knives, it's time to do it.  Even though it is really cool to sharpen a knife on a stone, these knives are worth the switch.  Leave me a comment down below, and let me know some of your favorite uses for the replacement blade knives.


Happy Huntin!

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